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Translation Process

As technology transforms the globe into a one seamless village breaking all frontiers, language barrier can recreate borders. PAL Translation helps you overcome such hurdles. You can reach out to the target audience and communicate effectively as one among them. We have solutions to any language expertise you require.

  • Translation Services
    • With our native translators and linguists across the globe, we can translate most national and regional languages. We handle projects ranging from few words to translating documentation of companies that runs into thousands of pages.

      We work with publishers to translate their work in multiple languages; with corporate to develop their knowledge base and product manuals in different countries; with advertisers and even individuals on their small personal projects.

      Depending on your requirement, we offer different level of translation and ensure the best value for the money you pay.

      Value Translation

      In this service, one of our experts translates your choice of language pair according to the stated objectives. It can be a German to Mandarin or Spanish to French or any other language pair.  Around 70% of our clients prefer this service.

      Advance Translation

      A more scientific process, it ensures highest quality of translation. After translation and editing by one translator, another affiliate translates the existing documents back to the original language. You can compare the original document with the one translated back. Evaluate the difference between the two and ask for changes according to your requirements. Clients opting for translation of medical documents or journals and clients, who want to translate public announcements, choose this service.

      Multiple translations

      No two translators give you the exact result. To get the best, multiple translators work on the same documents. It’s your choice to decide the number of translators. The translations are then compared for consistency and best description by another expert. You get the best of all translations.

  • Editing & Proofreading
    • Communication needs to be error-free and well-structured to effectively get your message across. All our translations are error-free. We extend this forte to help you get a clean, impeccable and easily readable documentation across all languages. Once edited by us, you can be sure that the final product is sensitive to the culture of a country, has the right idioms and is free of slangs.

  • Voiceover
    • Voiceovers can increase your reach dramatically, especially if accompanied by visuals. It helps to save cost by using the same visual but changing the language. We work with professional international artists who not only have a command on spoken language but also the capability to breathe life into your product. Get the best commentators, narrators, voice artists, and studio service.

  • Interpretation
    • Don’t let the context get lost in translation. We have domain expertise in law, finance, life sciences and over 50 industries across 11 verticals. We have over 20-year experience in this area. Our interpreters are experts in their industry and keep themselves up-to-date with the current events and trends. Get out interpretation service for conferences, events, meetings and sign language by domain experts. We also provide interpreters in-person for all types of events, meetings, legal proceedings, and for tourism.

  • Subtitle
    • Get this powerful communication tool to add value to your visuals. We get into the intricacies of subtitling. Our services range from translating the script to shortening the input and arranging the texts to match the video timeline.

  • Transcription
    • We transcribe anything you want. Some of the popular transcription services include medical, legal, interviews, conference call, conferences and events, seminars, business meeting, lectures, and press briefing.

      We have this service for special requirements such as medical surveys, marketing surveys, any other recorded surveys, recorded telephonic conversations, recorded videos and films.

      But that’s not all. We work with clients that have unique requirements. Get in touch with us for expertise in any industry or domain for accurate, efficient and affordable transcription services.

  • DTP (Desktop Publishing)
    • Get your newsletter, brochures, manuals, slideshows, and other DTP formats translated in language of your choice. We can reproduce a translated version of any layout you wish. This include commonly used software such as Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF, and high-end publishing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel Ventura, QuarkXPress and many more.

  • Internationalization & Localization
    • Language localization is not merely a translation activity. The entire process is driven by research and comprehensive study of the target audience. After all, the product needs to suit the taste of end-users. It also helps to save cost and quality problems, save time and make your product an instant hit.

      We undertake Internationalization and globalization projects that can vary from translating a website to working on entire positioning of a product that a company would like to launch across several countries at once.

  • Content Writing
    • The real test of business driven by content is the quality and the presentation of it. The grammar and structure of every language varies dramatically as the region changes. Take the differences between UK and US English, as an example. At Pal Translation, we not only create well-researched and easy-to-read content but also keep your target audience in mind and fine-tune it the content for readers from specific regions. Be assured that your audience will never be turned off by what it reads.

      We can assist you in content you may need for any type of publishing including, newsletters, periodic emails, website, and blogs. This can be done in language of your choice, as we work with native writers across the globe.

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